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Power your CRM with Customer Intelligence Solutions.

Go beyond the historical data on your CRM, go for customer intelligence powered by AI. Combine your data with the buying signals of your customers and leads from various external sources. Fiind solutions for marketing and sales, seamlessly integrate into your CRM such as D365, Salesforce and more.

Delivering Customer Intelligence into your CRM

customer intelligence - Account Based Marketing

Hyper-segment accounts for ABM strategies.

Hyper-segment the accounts in CRM based on our smart signals and keep your conversations relevant. Discover decision makers in your prospect accounts based on personas identical to the ones in your successful customers, all within your CRM interface.

5 Ways AI can empower your CRM

customer intelligence - fiind CRM pitch points

Give your sales the ammo to close deals.

Increase the CRM adoption in your organization by making it more impactful for sales. Give your sales the pitch points for each prospect; give your marketing the insight into the content and campaigns that are giving desired results. Know the closest cross-sell and upsell opportunities for each account in your CRM.

Experience the power of artificial intelligence within your CRM

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