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marketing solutions - targeted campaigns

Translate your marketing efforts into outcomes.

Most of your target customers are moving targets. What you need is a single pane of glass to aggregate the signals your prospects are sending across platforms, devices, internal and external channels. Fiind marketing solutions offers customer intelligence that can help you run highly targeted campaigns to the right customer at the right moment in their buying cycle.

fast forward to mid funnel

Fast forward your leads to mid-funnel.

Improve lead quality and conversions of your prospect database. Help your sales pipeline grow by getting in front of actively looking prospects with the right information when it matters most.

marketing solutions - fiind pitch points

Say the right things to your customers on every encounter.

Know what to pitch to a given customer based on their intent and product-fit. Understand your customers beyond the data in your CRM and marketing automation systems. Combine and correlate your customer signals across 100’s of sources in real-time.

Solutions for marketing professionals

  • Account-Based Marketing

    Surge your success rate by spending your time on the accounts that matter. Tailor your message based on the signals generated by your prospective customers.

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  • Content Marketing Intelligence

    Create content based on your customer intent. Get signals on the kind of content that resonates best on specific channels for your customers

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  • Predictive Lead Scoring

    Filter out the most potential leads that are sales ready. Put your customers into lead buckets based on their sales propensity. Know your buyers, sell with an edge.

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