Solution Brief: 3 Key areas AI can help you sell Cloud solutions better

We all know that cloud solutions are priced depending upon usage metrics such as bandwidth, storage etc. But what makes selling cloud solutions different from other IT services is – the ability to shift the customer organization’s IT budgets from CAPEX to OPEX. It is a challenge as well as a great opportunity for recurring

Salespeople need a different set of skills to sell Cloud Solutions, compared to other IT services because things get technical very quickly. So, in a typical enterprise scenario, once the requirements are understood, the customer conversations go technically deep almost instantly.

Selling Cloud solutions is all about the game of consumption. In the world of cloud solutions, the price points are usually low and that means you don’t just sell cloud solutions but all also sell consumption.

This solution brief will give you insights into:

  • How AI can help you identify sales-ready prospects
  • The signals that suggest consumption behavior
  • How AI can help you increase the sales of your cloud solutions

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