AI for sales and marketing to identify customer signals

As a marketer and seller, you clearly know who your target audience is. And in most cases, it is firmographic information. It means you know the targeted job titles, industry, revenue range, geography and so on.

With that information, you go about generating leads through various methods such as acquiring leads via content marketing, purchasing contact lists, advertisements, PPC and more.

Then you import the list of leads into your marketing programs, nurture cycle and wait. But, the more you pursue these leads, the leads begin to move out of your funnel. The size of your contact database keeps diminishing.

Does this sound familiar? We’ve been there too!

Is it the about the quality of list? Yes, but that’s just one part of it. But what’s equally important is to know the sales propensity of the leads that you are pursuing.

There’s a better way to find your next customer, by tuning into customer signals. That is exactly what this solution brief throw light upon.

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