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Data Enrichment

Quickly go from just an email or domain to an enriched organizational profile, with not only actionable firmographic information but also customer signals on buying intent and product fit to identify your total addressable market and serviceable market. All you need to know is the domain name of your target prospect or have a target list which you would want to upload to get the enriched file. It’s that easy.
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Lower the barrier to sales

With GDPR around the corner, you need to have the right data about your prospect to
establish relevant conversations with them.

  • Hyper-personalize Rich contextual data about prospects and customers instantly allows to establish meaningful conversations and improve the overall customer experience.

  • Improve lead scoring With better data and customer signals, you can qualify the leads at the top of your funnel and exponentially increase the lead-to-sales ratio.

  • Increase web form conversions Improve the conversion on web forms by reducing the number of fields and let Fiind Data Enrichment App fill up the gaps and add intent data.

  • Enrich existing recordsContinuously enrich the data in your CRM and Marketing Automation tools by automating the update of records and data apend.

Go beyond firmographics, get customer signals.

Fiind Database Enrichment app goes beyond identifying firmographic information such as organization revenue, industry, and identifies signals that show customer buying intent, their buying journey, your product fit to the customer environment and more.

  • Mitigate data decayFiind Database Enrichment app uses its AI driven sensors to constantly look for updates in data or events, thereby mitigating data decay and ensuring up-to-date data.

  • Extensive Signal LibraryFiind Signal library comprises data of more than 2 million accounts and also uses data from external sources that are publicly available.

Don’t take us for our word. Check it out yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is data enrichment?
Data enrichment refers to enhancing, refining and improving data. For example, if you just have an email address or a domain name, data enrichment would mean adding information such as revenue, location, business, buying intent, news and more. Fiind takes a holistic approach to enrich data and maintain data integrity. Its AI driven sensors constantly look for updates in data or events, thereby activating a bot that knows where to look across the web to get the maximum value.
What are the benefits of data enrichment?
Data enrichment increases your sales conversion rate by at least 2X and improves the relevance of your sales and marketing campaigns. The signals generated for the accounts helps you create personalized campaigns and thereby improve customer experience.
What does the data enrichment app consider as a “record”?
A record refers to an account or contact or an opportunity. When you integrate your CRM or Marketing Automation tool or any other business app, then a record can refer to a lead(contact), an account (company) or opportunity.
Does the data enrichment app mandate an annual agreement?
Not necessarily. You can opt for monthly subscriptions too. However, annual subscription is recommended for better results and cost effectiveness.
Is there a free trial option to try out the data enrichment app?
Yes, you can try it for free for a period of 15 days and then you can choose the package that suits you.
Does the Fiind data enrichment app integrate with any CRM or Marketing Automation tool?
Yes, it does.