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Access to the right data is everything.

Fiind predictive lead scoring solution seamlessly integrates data points across your business application ecosystem such as CRM, marketing automation tools such as Marketo and also draws insight from various credible external sources to give you signals on customer intent, context, readiness and more.

predictive lead scoring - fiind best fit leads

You don’t have to weed through the noise.

Increase your sales conversion rate by pursuing only the best fit leads. Save at least one hour a day in prospecting. Fiind’s fit-scoring and intent models identify high-scoring and best fit leads automatically based on firmographic, behavioral, intent, technographic data and more.

predictive lead scoring - actionable insights

Get all the actionable intelligence you need. Sell with an edge.

Filter out the most potential leads that are sales ready. Fiind Signals gets 100’s of relevant signals from 100’s of sources, so you can stay on top of your customers, in minutes.

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predictive lead scoring - retargetting

Make your follow ups meaningful.

Put your customers into lead buckets based on their sales propensity. Accelerate your lead nurture campaigns based on the buying signals generated by them.

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