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Build your pipeline.

Fuel your marketing engine with relevant leads that are not in your pipeline yet. The success of a marketing team is directly proportional to the pipeline it creates. Fiind’s predictive lead generation solution uses machine learning to analyze your existing customers and runs it against our growing library of over 100 million of signals to discover a universe of look-alike prospects in your target markets.

Predictive Lead Generation - Serviceable Market

Explore newer markets.

Identify net new leads and foray into newer markets. Fiind’s predictive lead generation intelligence helps you identify your total addressable market and serviceable market by segmenting your prospects based on intent, product-fit, match with your existing customers and more.

Predictive Lead Generation - Territory Planning

Validate your territory planning.

Validate your newer sales territories based on the signals that you may be looking for in your prospects. Fiind’s predictive account modelling allows you to build your territory roadmap, validate your marketing experiments, justify your investments based on revenue potential and more.

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