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data stewardship process

Data Stewardship to ensure your data isn’t holding you back.

Fiind’s research and results show that the success of your campaigns is 40% dependent on the quality of data (including targeted prospect lists), 40% on the service offering and 20% on the creative. This means the best of products and campaigns are held back by data quality.

Whitepaper on Data Stewardship for marketing and sales

data stewardship enrichment

You need to continuously enrich data.

Contact databases tend to decay at an average of 30% year on year. Fiind platform integrates across your business applications environment such as CRM, Marketing Automation tools and not only identifies but also addresses the core data quality issues such as duplication, inaccuracy, incomplete data and more with its data enrichment programs.

data stewardship TAM

Know your total addressable market.

It is not just about cleaning, addressing the gaps within the data but about making it actionable. Fiind not only enriches your data but also identifies your total addressable market and serviceable market by segmenting your prospects based on intent, product-fit, match with your existing customers and more.

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