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Prioritize your prospects leveraging 360° account intelligence

Surge the success rate of your account-based marketing efforts by spending time only on the accounts that matter. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms give you a 360° view of your customers and prospects. Identify the accounts that may be looking for your products and why.

Account-Based Marketing Checklist

account based marketing - segmentation

Segment accounts, drive personalized engagement.

Segment and hyper segment accounts to drive substantial conversations between your sales and prospects. Decide on which customers to act now, which ones to nurture, and more based on propensity and intent. Tailor your message and plan your campaigns based on the signals generated by your prospective buyers.

Customer Segmentation Guide

account based marketing - pitch points

Know your pitch for each customer. Stay relevant with dynamic account planning.

Fiind gives you automated pitch points for each customer account, based on their buying signals and where they are in the purchase cycle. Stay on top of what is happening with each of your customers and prospects and be notified of the changes as it happens. Ensure that your plan for each account is dynamic and adjust your account-based marketing operations based on the latest notifications for each account.

account based marketing - cross-sell

Execute upsell and cross-sell campaigns.

Stay on top of your customer’s mind with seamless execution of upsell and cross-sell campaigns. Fiind enriches the internal data from your CRM with external signals and applies machine learning to identify the best product fit for upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is account-based marketing?
Account-based marketing is the process of pursuing a targeted set of accounts and converting them into customers. The usual approach is to reach out to a large audience and the funnel gets narrower towards the bottom, which means, a significant number of prospects never get to the bottom funnel. Account- based marketing takes the approach of finding the best fit prospects based on their buying intent and product fit and building a meaningful relationship with them.
Why is account-based marketing important?
Account-based marketing gives your marketing the direction it needs by making sure that you are targeting the right accounts. Using Fiind, you can further access the sales intelligence for each account. For example, some accounts need to be nurtured for a longer period while some may convert into a customer because they are sales-ready.
Who uses account-based marketing?
Marketers that are highly ROI oriented apply account-based marketing strategies because it’s a much more meaningful approach than reaching out to a broad audience.
How is account-based marketing different from demand generation?
Please check the infographic on how Demand Generation and Account-Based Marketing are two different approaches.
How does account-based marketing work?
In an ABM approach, you first define the high-value accounts based on their fit and the buying intent. Then you map the accounts with the stake holders within your organization, then build the right content and personalized approach for the account. Next step is to determine the right channels to reach out to them and execute the targeted campaigns. Finally, it is all about continuously measuring and optimizing.
How does Fiind help in making account-based marketing quantifiable?
When an ABM partner tool such as Fiind Smart Signals is integrated with CRM and Marketing Automation tools – you can ensure that your sales and marketing are in sync. Not just that, the power of AI can help you turn insights into action – for instance, it can give you the right pitch to the right customer at the right time. Read more..

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