Identify prospects for Cloud solutions that are sales ready.

Are you a B2B Cloud solution provider? Is achieving consistent & sustainable sales success for your solutions, one of your top concerns?

Fiind Smart Signals platform helps you improve sales conversion by identifying and focusing on the accounts looking for cloud solutions. In other words – accounts that are sales-ready with a high buying intent and a great fit for your offering. Our solutions have enabled enterprises to improve sales conversions by 2X or more.

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  • Get free signals such as companies using a trial version of AWS or other providers, tech signals that point to running an open source stack, news about cloud adoptions, and many more highly relevant signals.
  • Get a free demo on how Fiind’s AI can enable your sales team to focus on the right leads
  • Understand how you can generate high-converting leads
  • Get the right pitch for the right prospect at the right time

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