Introducing Fiind Data Integrity Rewards

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Data tells your customer’s story 

Data tells a story. With Fiind AI and our >1 billion data signals, you can quickly learn your customer’s story and how it aligns with your solutions. In order to tell that story well so you can rely on it to engage your customers, we put a lot of care into the integrity of our data even as it changes over time, and constantly seek new ways to improve. 

Our focus on data integrity can be the difference between knowing if your customer is located in Philadelphia or Berlin, or a company of 15 or 50,000 employees. It’s critical for you to connect with the right business opportunities in the right way. 

Data integrity: Always be improving 

Data integrity: data has a better idea sign with broken lightingThe Fiind AI platform itself is always learning. One of the ways Fiind AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning is to improve not only the data it discovers (i.e. your customers’ stories), but the way it collects and verifies that data. 

In order to support a system that actively learns, evaluates, and fixes low confidence data, we use both automated and manual checks with the help of our team and our customers. After verifying a new gap in the data, we feed it back into the model for our machine learning system – such that it doesn’t appear again. 

We have created a set of models that can identify ambiguous or unreliable data points. In most cases, the system can intuitively clean up inaccuracies. If Fiind AI comes across a data point it needs assistance with, it will flag it for review by our internal team. 

But on the rare occasion, we need additional human intervention to catch inaccuracies. This is where you – our partner community – comes in. Every time a user helps to clean up a data point, Fiind AI learns a bit more and feeds this new insight back into the models so we can share more accurate stories about your customers. 

How you can help improve data integrity – and be rewarded for it! 

As you play a key role in ensuring Fiind’s data integrity, we’d like to reward you for your help! That’s why we’re introducing the Fiind Data Integrity Rewards. If you report an incorrect data point or any reproducible issue with Fiind AI, we will add credit to your account in the form of any of the following (depending on the severity): 

  • Increased monthly limit 
  • Enhanced contact credits 
  • Added time to your subscription plan 

For every incorrect data point you discover and report, we improve data modeling and analysis that much more so we can better help you find your next customer.  

How to report suspected data point inaccuracies 

There are a number of ways to easily report suspected data inaccuracies. Simply reach out in one of the following ways and let us know the name of the company and the data point in question:

  • click the “Intercom” chat button on the lower right within the platform
  • email us at with the subject line “Data Integrity Review”
  • click the “Request a review!” within the app on a company signals page

From there, we’ll review and give you credits once verified! 

Questions or feedback on data integrity? 

We’d love to connect. Simply contact us and we’ll go from there. 

 Thanks for helping us help you.  

 See you on patrol!

The Fiind Team

We're entering a new world in which data may be more important than software. - Tim O'Reilly

About the Author

Evan Newton is an accomplished product manager, designer, and strategist. He currently drives the customer experience for Fiind AI–using a deep background in gaming, data-driven development, and a keen eye for questioning the meaning of success.