The trouble with MQLs…

How many times have you had trouble in agreeing upon what is actually a marketing qualified lead (MQL)? Marketing produces content, generates leads, and more so leads that qualify the agreed upon job titles, company size, revenue, etc.

Yet, you hear..


Sounds familiar? The issue is not just because the attributes of an MQL is continuously evolving, but because MQL has its own set of shortcomings – which you might come across especially when you apply MQLs in an ABM scenario.

We prefer to look at accounts as MQAs (Marketing Qualified Account), as that would equip marketers with effective information on whether a particular account qualifies to get into the ABM cycle or not. The problem with MQL is it is focused on the contact, whereas MQA gives you a holistic perspective of the account journey, the engagement of the account with your product, and more.

Using an AI-powered ABM solution such as Fiind, will help qualify MQAs based on:

  • If the given account is the right for your product?
  • Where is the account in their buying cycle?
  • What is their level of interest in your product?
  • Is the account investing in technology, etc?

Equipping sales for productivity

Sales time is precious. They are your rainmakers. You don’t want them to be spending their time on accounts that aren’t sales ready yet. The classic demand gen model would insist that marketing teams hold back the leads until they become sales ready and only then move it to sales.

But in the current age of ABM maturity, AI-powered Account-Based Marketing solutions indicate the intent and fit data of accounts, so that sales reps have a 360 ° view of their assigned accounts and their movement in the sales funnel.

This will ensure that sales can focus on the right accounts at the right time, whereas marketers can continue nurturing the accounts so that they move from being marketing ready to become sales ready.

So, a well-oiled ABM practice should ask themselves, these three questions:

  • Are the right accounts being brought onto the website?
  • Are the right accounts being engaged with the right content?
  • Are engagements translating into sales opportunities?

And then, measure progression would be based on:

  • The percentage of target accounts that moved from top of the funnel to mid-funnel
  • of accounts moved from mid-funnel to bottom-funnel
  • Whether the nurture program is accelerating the sales cycle, and so on.

The idea of MQA is to bring sales and marketing closer on a collaborative construct – so that the overall productivity increases, as well as every account, get its required unique attention.

Are we in sync?

About the Author

Yaagneshwaran is among the top 100 global martech influencers, an author, columnist and also the Director of Marketing at Fiind Inc. He has a certificate in Strategy Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode and an MBA in marketing from Jansons School of Business, Coimbatore.