Fiind AI Customer Story – VerisVisalign: Relationship-centered Growth

FiindAI Customer Story - VerisVisalign: Relationship-centered Growth

In chatting with the VerisVisalign team, it doesn’t take long for the company’s true colors to shine through: VerisVisalign has a masterful understanding of both the technological and people side of business transformation and is deeply committed to supporting its customers’ success.

Located in the Delaware Valley, VerisVisalign is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and enjoys the distinction of being a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Certified information technology (IT) consulting company. The company specializes in Microsoft Technology, Business, and IT Process Optimization. For more than 16 years, it has helped its clients across a wide range of industries get to where they want to go through digital and cloud transformation projects.

VerisVisalign’s comprehensive approach is translating to happy customers, strong relationships with CIOs, a closer relationship with the local Microsoft office, and generous word of mouth, putting VerisVisalign on target to be almost three times the size it is now in 2-5 years.

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Fiind-ing a Savvy Solution to Find Customers

With a mind to growth comes a mind to helping even more customers and discovering additional business opportunities beyond referrals and engagements with Microsoft. “We’re always looking for customers who are moving to Microsoft or expanding their Microsoft services,” says Deborah Moses Elton, CEO of VerisVisalign.

The VerisVisalign team has experimented with several approaches on their quest to seek out businesses needing their help, with some being more effective than others.

“We’ve been doing more marketing over the last year or two then we have in the past which keeps more brand awareness for us and keeps us top of mind,” says Moses Elton.

VerisVisalign also participates in a couple of major events with CIOs every year and has been consistent in sponsoring them year after year for the last decade, building enduring relationships with this community. “A lot of our business comes from relationships and networking,” says Todd Stuchlik, VerisVisalign’s Microsoft Practice Director. When a CIO transitions to another company, they often bring VerisVisalign with them as trusted digital and cloud transformation advisor that knows how to exceed expectations.

VerisVisalign has also turned to LinkedIn, finding some success mining its own network, but little yield when the consultancy engaged someone to network on its behalf trying to find someone it didn’t necessarily know.

In summer 2018, VerisVisalign discovered Fiind AI via a joint webinar with Microsoft some of its team members attended. “We were on this webinar thinking, ‘Wow! This is pretty cool’,” recalled Moses Elton. Soon after VerisVisalign became a Fiind AI customer.

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Fiind AI: A Solution that Fits

It fit into our sales process,” said Stuchlik. “Fiind AI was easy to use, so it was easy to add to what we already do.” He adds, “I would encourage any Microsoft Partner to give Fiind AI a try. I don’t know any company that wouldn’t be interested in looking for customers that fit their target profile, getting intelligence about the customers, and getting suggestions on what conversations to start with those potential customers.”

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From geography to company size, VerisVisalign leveraged Fiind AI to execute on its strategy to home in on the types of companies to target. “We’re really looking in a very concentrated area for the majority of our clients who have headquarters within 100 miles of Philadelphia center, so that ability to drill down is important to us,” explains Moses Elton. “Being able to segregate companies by size is huge for us. We were traditionally always enterprise level, but with most of these companies putting managed service providers as a go-between the organization’s decision maker and the vendor it became difficult to work with them. We’re relationship builders, so being able to use Fiind AI to drill down size-wise to the mid-size companies is really helpful for us as well.”

Not only did Fiind AI help VerisVisalign discover new prospects who weren’t already convinced that Microsoft was a good thing, it dialed in their messaging and empowered VerisVisalign’s salespeople to more effectively reach out to them in a way that aligns with the consultancy’s relationship building approach. “Our messaging got much more specific,” says Stuchlik. “Fiind AI gave us more specific topics to talk about versus what our salespeople were doing which was more generic and much less focused. Fiind AI allowed them to be much more targeted with their conversations.”

VerisVisalign is putting their new messaging into practice in a few different ways. “Fiind AI allowed our salespeople to more easily pick up the phone and make phone calls to customers because it gave them more confidence and more information on what the conversation could be and should be and how to approach the customer,” Stuchlik adds.

“Getting the Microsoft language in the Pitch Points is really helpful,” says Moses Elton. “That saves us a lot of time. If we want to write an email to a certain group and they all have the same first or second Pitch Point, we’ll use some of the Fiind AI language and rewrite it in our own words.”

“Our biggest challenge is that we don’t have the bandwidth to work the Fiind AI leads the way we should be,” notes Moses Elton. Not a bad challenge to have, and not surprising for a growing consultancy. Nevertheless, with VerisVisalign being a company that drives towards excellence and takes pride in its work, the consultancy is actively working to overcome that obstacle too.


Destination: Growth

VerisVisalign takes customers beyond expectations

As VerisVisalign accelerates on its growth trajectory with new customer acquisition, it is looking to bring on talented salespeople in addition to deepening a strong partnership with a company that sees many of the same types of clients. This partner company has a larger salesforce and offers complementary services such as web design and proprietary application development services. “Because we’re partnering so closely with them, we’ve actually talked about sharing leads and sharing salesforce teams,” says Moses Elton. “We’ve talked about giving them some of the Fiind AI leads to work.”

Additionally, VerisVisalign is looking to expand their multi-touch marketing efforts with some external assistance. Many of the companies they are targeting with Fiind AI present net-new opportunities for Microsoft and require the appropriate approach to propel them forward along the buyer’s journey. “We don’t want a once and done marketing plan,” explains Moses Elton. “You have to be able to go after these people with multiple touches in order to get the awareness of your name around them several times.”

Ultimately, VerisVisalign’s efforts will result in more businesses getting top-tier help to guide them through their cloud and digital transformation. And we think they’ll be thrilled with where VerisVisalign brings them: “We take customers beyond what is expected to what is desired and unanticipated,” says Moses Elton.


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