Find your next customer now.

Find your next customer now.Accelerate Sales.

Reach out to the right B2B prospects based on their buying signals, using artificial intelligence (AI).
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Reach the right customer, with the right message, at the right time.

  • Identify prospects who are looking for your products and services and more importantly, why.
  • Know your immediate customer wins by evaluating them based on propensity and intent.
  • Decide which customers to act on now and which ones to nurture.
  • Spend time on the right leads.

Access anytime, anywhere.

Solutions that can transform your business.

Account-Based Marketing
Sales Intelligence
Data Stewardship

Turn insights into action.

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Here’s what our customers have been saying about us

"Fiind data science team has the best talent in the business, using which we have been able to optimize our supply chain processes. In our interactions, we discovered that the team is efficient, proactive and always a step ahead to ensure deadlines are met without compromising the quality. We are looking to nurture a long-term partnership with Fiind to create a symbiotic relationship."
Manpreet Ratia
Manpreet Ratia CXO, Myntra

"Fiind enables to transform marketing with the ability to sense and respond to potential customers based on buying signals. We now have the equivalent of a Marketing GPS"
Ganesh Ramakrishnan
Ganesh Ramakrishnan Managing Director, Ilink Systems

"Partnering with Fiind and Kitterman enabled our team to not only specifically target highly qualified prospects for our marketing efforts but also differentiate our message in a crowded marketplace."
Greg Jung
Greg Jung VP of Marketing, Civis Analytics

"We took a different approach by looking (or listening) for customer signals that signified buying intent. Fiind’s solution built on Microsoft Azure resulted in over 2X improvement in conversions"
Nicolas Facon
Nicolas Facon Senior Director, Microsoft

"Fiind amplifies our sales IQ with easy to use customer buying signals on everyday tools like CRM and Email"
Igor Rikalo
Igor Rikalo COO, O9 Solutions

Our customers transform our journey.

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