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Podcast: Marketers need to be data doctors

Today’s technology has made it possible and can help the marketers to clearly understand the customer needs to match the right solution and communicate the right relevant message. When the messages are right and relevant, the conversions are better.

A lot of the data that wasn’t available previously, is available now so marketers can access, act and leverage these data. This is where the B2B Marketers become data doctors. Like a doctor diagnosing the symptoms and prescribing the medicine, Marketers explores the data and hence understands the customer needs to match it with the right solution and message.

As data doctors, marketers need to have a 360° view of the target account. While most marketers know their target customers, it is almost always firmographic information such as employee headcount, annual revenue, industry, targeted job titles, etc. With the advent of AI, marketers can now look at the intent data to understand where the customer is in their buying cycle and segment them accordingly, so that you can customize the communications accordingly. To create a long-term customer, it is not only on serving their needs but also be able to pick up the buying signals of your prospects, understand their behavioral patterns across and more importantly, use the insights to personalize the customer experience (CX).

Here’s a podcast where our CEO, Vijay Kasireddy discusses how a marketer and seller can be a data doctor.

The 3 major factors driving high conversion in sales and marketing are:

  1. Having a continuous learning engine in place that is based on data and a feedback mechanism
  2. Leveraging all the data and the tools to get insights for the relevant questions for continuous improvement
  3. Ensuring the Data quality through a data stewardship practice


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Ganesh is the Customer Success Manager at Fiind Inc. and likes to keep things simple. He believes that the devil lies in the details but mostly under the hood. He is one of the key drivers in building the martech stack at Fiind and has unique experience across functions such as IT, Pre-sales and Marketing.

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